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  1. As Taiwan was moving to legalize same-sex marriage, China undertook research into conversion therapy.

  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  3. Your Selective Public Sympathy For The Loss of Life - 5 Minute Rant

  4. Your Disproportionate Concern For Innocent Human Lives (6 Minute Talk)

  5. In a nutshell, WashPo's scoop turned NYT on.

  6. Perhaps many Trump fans will do so in the foreseeable future.

  7. He was a wumao then, but brought around to our POVs in 2014. He was captivated by several of your videos and took to you in 2015.

  8. By & by, I know a guy on Weibo who swore at you in 2013 for ur takes on the news of a squabble between an German expat & an elderly lady. (1

  9. Maybe it's about the increase in number of users or performance improvements? Or it's just a figment of my imagination?

  10. Your videos went viral in early 2015; perhaps it was a blip in the decline. I could hear more dissenting voices on Weibo than in 2014.

  11. That did evoke nostalgia for good old days. I miss you; I miss that time.😞

  12. I recently rewatched several of your videos made in early 2015 and relived the dead-cat bounce of China's civil liberties & progress.

  13. hate London; hate Seattle; hate Chongqing; rainy weather, overcast gloom inimical to mental health precipitate people into SAD

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    Extrapolating from my experience, I presume it's another publicity stunt that hasn't been debunked yet.

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    The same is true in reverse; atheists can be prejudiced, intolerant and ignorant as well, especially the militant ones.

  16. In case the gullible alt-right thought Syrian Ba'ath Party regime was secular and would be the bulwark against Muslims.

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    hanged first, decapitated later

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    Decapitated by Cao Cao.

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    That does it! Simmer down, China. It would be impertinent to cheek your father. Mind your manners.

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    My reading of this is that teeth-missing, juvenile dropping out and Syrian Civil War are the aftermath of the promotion of Belt and Road.

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    Best day ever. seen a raft of alt-right snowflakes crying their eyes out for the crushing defeat in election. We win, you lose; deal with it

  22. Carl Johnson = CJ = China's Jiang = Croaking Jiang

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    It's such an emphatic victory, isn't it? You people lost, deal with it. Give Macron a chance; don't riot, crying snowflakes.

  24. What really gets me is why China is always tilting at windmills in a pitch of fury.

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    “专治各种不服” namely "sort out the refractory, of any kind" sounds more peremptory.

  26. sentenced to years. Officials held accountable & dislodged were reinstated years later. Central government muzzled the media.

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    Many of the punished are scapegoats; regulators got away with nonfeasance and collusion. Several activists were convicted of defamation and

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    free hate speech

  29. protectionism splendid isolationism colored nationalism militant atheism misandry all of them are detrimental to the progressive movement.

  30. Under no circumstances does equating capitalism with exploitation, socialism with parity make sense.

  31. The waters on which China disputes with Japan and Korea are in the East China Sea, not the South one.

  32. Does "Han privilege" exist in China, via which non-Han Chinese citizens are disadvantaged? by Bonan Wang Link

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    even if most of the POVs of both sides overlap; many people are just opposing for the sake of opposition.

  34. In political debates, it will be an arduous task of burying the hatchet if you have a preconceived notion that someone is a dick,

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    dumbass, dunderhead, idiot, stupid, psychopath, maniac, crazy

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    It's just an anecdote based on my observations of their comments on issues about Syrian War, South China Sea, feminism, gay rights, etc.

  37. China's equivalent of echo-boomers' relatively liberal beliefs have been decaying; Post-90s brings out the inveterate Chinese chauvinism.

  38. They probably don't mind people being LGBTQs, but do look askance at religious ppl, notably Muslims, Syrian refugees and the free world.

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    No offense, in my submission, unlike post-millennials are metaphor for progressiveness, Chinese post-90s & post-00s are more insular.

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  42. 不得不感叹,在贵国的社交媒体上,无论一个事件被炒得多热,只要是触及了赵家人的利益,哪怕只是一个地级市的科长,都会被立刻平息并从此再无相关报道;泸县赵鑫事件中相关利益集团更是为了袒护几个科、处长的子女而绑架整个国家机器。那几年前被吹捧的“微博维权”正逐渐成为狗屁。

  43. 再一次回想起了15年春节前在微博上曾闹得沸沸扬扬后立刻烂尾的“保定民警与人大代表实名举报公安分局局长”事件。谷歌了下,发现该人大代表的父亲在今年春节期间于天涯更新了后续,透露自己的三个儿子早在两年前事件刚发生后就已被当事人公安分局局长马永乐拘捕,现已被关押两年有余。