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  1. @RMGiJLR Lmao. Go tell the police officers that a self-proclaimed human supremacist considered me to be Neanderthal & said will kill me.

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    You live in your own reality.

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    You are irredeemable. You are treating death threats as a joke. There are millions of victims but you're making it a joke.

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    I just did what you had done following your idiotic logic.

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    Yeah, I made a so-called "death threat" after you threatened to rape me. It's a warning of self-defense.

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    they take threats of sexual violence seriously too. "Kill you" is also an insult.

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    call law enforcement & report

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    Ok, let's go separately.

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    and I would report you to DOJ and FBI for your "fuck you" with intention of sexual assault.

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    My sweetheart, you really made me laugh

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    If you could be on behalf of all the Trump supporters, I do.

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    Scrutinize carefully what you've said.

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    you printed all of its words on parchment.

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    Could I report this tweet of yours for attempted rape?

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    It's the favorite of Donald's father your master, which I do scorn. Maybe you could resonate with it.

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    Call law enforcement? For what? Cruelty to animals? Ok, go on as quickly as you can.

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    and go open a history and biology book and see what did you Neanderthal do to our Homo sapiens. Speciesist

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    You are intolerant bigotry ignorant reverse speciesist who bears a deep grudge against our human beings, you fucking Neanderthal.

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    Do not wanna receive any offer from Trump University as you do.

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    Oh? You believe that you're white as a colored person? Lol, go ask your master KKK if they agree or not.

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    I said I wanna kill you Neanderthal, not white people. It's just your assertion. Surely, I'm propagating hate speech: speciesism

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    I never blame white except Trump, KKK and their stooges like you.

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    Professor of Trump University? I know

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    It's just another statement without any evidence. I could say the number of Trump's scandals are thrice more than that of HRC.

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    No, I'm assuming you're not homo sapiens

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    No. I'm just a human speciesist who wanna wipe out you Neanderthal

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    Yes, they are. You are disseminating your filthy words over and over and justifying yourself. Fuck you back.

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    You can tolerate Trump who referred to Mexicans as rapists, but not another colored person saying "colored people".Double standards

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    When it comes to bribery, are there anyone more corrupted than Trump who give bribes to Texas governor and Florida judges?

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    just like no one liked or replied your bullshit? I do not wanna call you dumbass, moron and so on anymore.

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    Intolerant? Oh, my sweetheart, you cursed at me many times and I just fired back twice with filthy words.

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    No, I'm not. It's all about space constraints on Twitter.

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    True. Trumpzis are so irredeemable in nature that Obama care is unable to solve their mental-health problems.

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    Lol, they're "alleged" Trump fans rather than the real ones. How the fuck do you assert they're HRC fans? Half-witted idiot

  36. Putting 33 thousand deleted e-mails ahead of nearly 100 million colored people's lives is characteristic of the basket of deplorables.

  37. It's the first time I've seen someone defending for the size of Trump's genitalia. 😂Devote yourself to sth worthwhile, my sweetheart.

    This Tweet is unavailable.
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    How about this innocuous guy who regarded homelessness and Mexican ancestry as guilt?

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    Surely a man with a short and slender penis would detest anything or anyone tall, full and round.

  40. She called HALF of TRUMP SUPPORTERS "a basket of deplorables"; and "republican supporters" ≠ "Trump supporters"

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    "Endorsing HRC or Trump" isn't a matter of whether be conservative or not. It's all about one's intelligence quotient.

  42. These pictures remind me of my hysterical wail when the cops dispersed all the demonstrators by force.

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  44. Haven't seen GTA5 for quite a few months.

  45. Chinese-Americans forget how did Dr.King advocate for them, when whining abt blacks taking jobs away from them under the affirmative action.

  46. As a supporter for HRC in this election, I wanna concede that she failed to live up to the expectations.

  47. Liberals insist she trounced him, vice versa. Nothing'll change if void of fault eg Rubio's "Obama doesn't know what he's doing"

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    Trump is always wining online even when Clinton leads by a huge margin. It's of no significance though she is too bad today.

  49. It's impossible for one in her right mind in a sane way to defeat a psychopath.

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    "When we needed Ronald Reagan in the Situation Room on night of Beirut, he wasn't there."

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    I've been wondering for nearly a year who the fuck are always retweeting & liking the faeces of People's Daily and Xinhua News.

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    ...our love, in Jesus's name, for them, is more sincere & lasting than that of the seculars. She really pissed me off then.

  54. Still remember how did a Christian fundamentalist referring to gays as "disgusting AIDS patients" justify her discrimination: our love......

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    For Pope Francis, Christianity is the reason & motive for philanthropies; for Ted, it's just a tool can be utilized to justify hatred

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    It reminds me of my ardent Hillary hater time when Rand Paul & Jeb didn't suspend; Rubio & Kasich were moderates then.

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    Since then, neck and neck with Marquess of Cutlassfish & Guogong Hua, I'll be extolled as "The Troika of the Ocean" with them

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    Rather than a few guys in US burn 🇺🇸 legally; national security officers will kick your ass, if you burn 🇨🇳in your motherland.

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    In addition, Trump's anti-pc bullshits could justify their racist behaviors, which infuriate me most.

  61. China is my biggest global priority for the next US president -- what's yours?

  62. Plus carnal abuse and intimidation against KJ

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    So his hope is in the "risen homeland" to conquer 🌏 & to provide him with comfort women?

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    "Ripping and grilling with the virulence"(毒力撕烤) is typical of such people.

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    The retarded indulge in confusing "patriotism" with "nationalism" so that they can justify their chauvinist craps.

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    Is what lies under your words that had CCP not existed, 🇨🇳 wouldn't be as idiotic as it is now?

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    🇨🇳 could change the translation in English of the Chinese word "中國" as "Cosmos" and then claim over the whole universe.

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    Trump's deplorable points of view overlap with that of Ted

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    Call for denuclearization on Korean Peninsula linked to fear of 🇰🇵 becoming more successful than 🇰🇷, says Pyongyang official.

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    Just as the banner reads–we'll be back!

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    Extent of civilization if a relative concept. In Social Darwinism views, Chinese mainland ppl are the most uncivilized

  72. says a flunkey of Putin's minion

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    The refugee crisis would not exist at all if 🇨🇳 & 🇷🇺 hadn't thwarted 🇺🇸 from overthrowing Assad regime.

  74. In 🇨🇳 they bullied Blacks&Muslims without any punishment. In 🇺🇸 they can't do it anymore so felt discriminated

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    Every situation, in which China's thwarted from meeting the desires of its absorption, is confused by foreign foes.

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    Neither Israelis nor Saudis ever cursed at Mack Horton or threatened to give a bloody nose.

  77. So, he acquired a second opportunity to propagate his islamphobic bullshit.

  78. In my humble opinion, NYT do that for political propaganda rather than profit; but FB seeks access to market

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    I've never missed Chinese cuisines after going abroad.

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    China'd gag islamphobes for facilitation of 1 belt & 1 road. Meanwhile, it'd sponsor them for crackdown on Xinjiang.

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    @FRJonathanLiu The war between fundamentalist house party branches and the liberal ones may be going to break out in future.

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    That was the reason why I didn't endorse him anymore.

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    I suppose they're in the majority of the so-called Chinese dissidents on Twitter.

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    When the Vietnamese civilians begged them for mercy, did they ever pay any attention to it?

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    @chantalyuen Such an arbitrary, savage, but idiotic act.

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    Chauvinists in China who desire to annex the Philippines also call themselves rational, neutral, and objective persons.

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    You proved my point. Your so-called inconsistency or invalidness isn't the producer of your disbelief but the product.

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    As long as you're not willing to believe, everything for you is unbelievable.

  89. Everyone endorsing this video is asshole.

  90. Putin's ever poisoned 🇷🇺 civil activists in 🇺🇸, so could he do the same to HRC. If conspiracy theories abt her health make senses, it'll too

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    China's been long since irredeemable, with a result that many activists R tired of it. But there's still hope for 🇺🇸&🇭🇰.

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    As a politician, it's inappropriate for her to put labels on such a huge number of people. But, they deserve the labels.

  93. HRC isn't perfect, but is far less evil than Donald Trump. She is not a good choice, but the only not-so-bad choice you could make.

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    The word "deplorable" can't modifying them relevantly enough. They're just motherfucking assholes.

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    What's your aim of mentioning me?

  96. Even every protagonist in GTA series as a vicious criminal isn't racist, but Trump supporters do.

  97. In his view, every Muslim doesn't wanna lapse is radical Islamist.

  98. Would you vote one considered to be ill, or the other proved to be retarded? I choose the former.