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    The little pink fond of western cultures must be disappointed and helpless at first, then gradually endorse it.

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    What a stunner

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    Lmao😂 I'm awaiting the arrest here.

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    Do not confuse patriotism with nationalism.

  5. BTW, deifying idols, as a citizen of the nation under God, is prohibited in the Bible.

  6. I love the USA most because free religion is one of its basic values.

  7. And the word "treason" is frequently said by the chauvinists from my motherland.

  8. The symbol of Americans' freedom is the constitution, not the flag which everyone could burn legally since 1990.

  9. There'd have been no need to set the constitution to protect free speech, if being disrespectful to US were guilty

  10. The US is a great nation worthy of respect, for it always tolerates the ones disrespectful.

  11. Terrorist organizations couldn't stand any disrespect towards them, so they were entitled terrorist organizations.

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    Lmao! What a freaking excellent satire😂

  13. Two of what I am looking forward to most this year: Trump's concession speech in November, and the verdict on Katie Johnson's case.

  14. All the time I thought the owner of the account was a stripling in his 20s by viewing the profile picture.😓

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    And you're in Seattle now? Remember: every time you purchase an American product, you provide the DoD with a component of THAAD.

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    Your "parental" motherland can't stand its children idolizing Korean stars because of the deployment of THAAD. What a traitor

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    When did I, your father, ever "take a part for the whole" or "spread rumors" about your fucking homeland? Little dumbass?

  18. Never mind that China oppressed its own subjects; but, let Hong Kong off the hook, please. Honestly

  19. “In school, wanna have no vacation; on holiday, want the new term never to start.” Internal monologues of a will-go-to-school-soon wretch😭

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    ...some definitely real racists propagated racism & hate speech under the pretext of opposing politically correct extremism.

  21. I was ever strongly against extreme political correctness because of its hypercorrect characteristics. Then my views have changed since...

  22. Tons of things fucked-up in daily life increasingly lead me to anxiety and depression. How helpless we mortals are!

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    Thanks a bunch for your kind heart.😭

  24. Just listened to The Ballad of Gay Tony Theme. "I keep on walking, all over the city, until the end~"🚶👣🌙🍕😊

  25. 💞

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    Some male Muslims were too obsessed with female Muslims' dresses, so were some of those who advocate for women's liberation.

  27. It's not claiming China's right, but forcing others to sate China's greed.

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    What the word "record" here is? A noun or a verb?

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    How could I get one?🤑

  30. Was Ayesha A Six-Year-Old Bride?

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    80 million christians in China? Don't self-deceive anymore, in that nation against religions, especially the Abrahamic ones.

  32. Be tired of the comments on Rio Olympics by China's motherfucking chauvinists. I do not wanna say anything about them.

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    Another flow chart by Weibo user 白北五 tells you how to put labels on those who don't lick China's boots

  34. My motherland has been entitled "the sick of East Asia" previously. Several decades later, that "sick of East Asia" obtains drugs.

  35. Sometimes I desperately want the west to bomb my compatriots with nukes when things like that come out.

  36. One of the acts of Trump, which I can't tolerate, is that he tunes out the expansion of China & Russia, & the crackdown of Tiananmen Square.

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    China is always creating opportunities for the US to return to Asia-Pacific.

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    for his lewdness and brutality against an innocent underage girl and her family!

  39. ❤️

  40. In this article's subhead, the use of phrase "humble brags" is desperately accurate.

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    How dare the mouthpiece of China's government talk about "RAPE in India"?😒

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    The public is always holding a grudge against the violence by dissidents, but conniving at the officials' atrocity.

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    Trump's campaign is short of money now! Trumpzis could contribute to it by donating their organs.

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    Has CCP ever observed the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?

  45. It's disgusting that some LGBTs discriminate against Muslims, when both of them are minority groups and protected by political correctness.

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  48. New Poll Reflects a Post-Convention Bounce for Hillary Clinton

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    I cherish the memory of the Rehage with long hair.😭

  50. Australia is, from of old, an inalienable part of Chinese territory.

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    That is a chart help you find the figures in the Fed report I gave to you

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    I'm a native Chinese

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    How do you know I'm in the US now?

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    Just one of the political gossips which middle-aged Chinese in drinking desire to quote

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    126t is the figure of net worth

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    I agree on that Chinese government is good at making money.

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    Just like the tycoon Li Ka-shing transferred his assets overseas?

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    Maybe not to follow the west but get broke in its own unique way.

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    Federal Reserve

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    Is that so-called foreign drain?

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    Complaining about the low welfare aimed to lower it further? ROFL

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    Igor Panarin has been shouting USA collapse since 2008. You are just joining a long queue

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    Published on your beloved Bloomberg

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    As you focus, like all Chinese nationalists, on the weakness of US

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    So tell me what is the objective purpose of this article? Raising benefits or encouraging people to withdraw?😂

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    This is that of US. Nearly 1300%

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    Do Bloomberg, IMF, BIS and other international entities ever make statistics on "household saving rate"?

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    A problem which even the mouthpiece was unwilling to cover up. What's wrong?

  73. Chinese Household Saving Rate by State Statistics Bureau.

  74. The image is too fuzzy to view. Here's the link

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    When it comes to the topic of the debt......

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    Have been intensifying since last June.

  77. slow-growth of income, insufficient domestic demand & social security, and instability of expectations." via People's Daily

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    "Chinese household saving rate is just about 20%. China has a high saving rate because of the

  79. And this is the economic situation of Russia...

  80. dumping its golds, and using commercial banks' exchange position to sustain the central bank.

  81. China's holdings dropped 4.5 trillion in just one year, though its government has been imposing exchange controls,

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    It's ridiculous that you brag about the 2 nations' economies especially in the matter of foreign reserves.

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    USSR owned more nuclear weapons than US since 1977. And then, who collapsed?

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    China will be dice with death if it really believes that it can profit from hard-line foreign policies in South China Sea disputes.

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    Militarists in Japan under empire believed Japan would defeat US for they're more "determined". What's the fact?