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    In fact, paper was invented by Egyptians; the rest three belong to the achievement of Ancient Greece; none of them is & was really vital.

  2. Nearly all the Chinese believe "the four 'great' inventions of China", paper, printing, compass, gunpowder, have changed the world history.

  3. From an aesthetic rather than political standpoint, Chinese flag, the unsightliest flag I've ever seen, looks really like a piece of shit.

  4. Every criticism directing at China is unfounded for its infallibility.

  5. One of the reasons why Jeb, Marco, and Kasich are my favorite republican candidates.

  6. Chinese jingoists and their mouthpiece are utterly discomfited.😃

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    Please, write a new report in Daily Mail, to resist the racism you "hate", idiot! Ok?

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    "Sydney Impression"(悉尼印象)provides information services to the Chinese in Sydney.

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    Take a look at it, idiot.

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    @KrystalsPussy @sam_tobiass A Christian named "KrystalsPussy" with a belief in evolution theory...huh?

  12. So many tweets with contents about sexual harassment on 's page.

  13. Nearly all the Chinese believe that Sino cuisine is the most delicious and healthiest in the world. It's funny beyond my description.

  14. Chinese always laugh at Korean craze about kimchi without noticing others' laugh at their believes that Sino food the is best in the world.

  15. Kathy is not & has never been a member of CCP. CCP does not exist & has never existed in the world.

  16. Not only that, but believe everyone is obligated to love and support China, regardless of whether you are Chinese.

  17. "Death penalty for corruption in China" is just a joke. The ones who own powers to execute others in China are the most corrupted.

  18. It's a vain hope for China to both ride roughshod over small weak countries and not affect relations.

  19. You shall worship no other god: for Xi, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

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    @eyoonCNBC So cute you are. Xi really hope you'll be a Chinese citizen and "better" your lives.😂

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    In 1996, the Chinese and their government believed so and tried to annex Taiwan. Then Clinton deployed 2 CVBGs😂

  22. A Chinese student rigorously protesting racial discrimination against them in . It's not a solitary case.

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    Therefore, do not misuse your sympathy for the Chinese suffering alleged racial discrimination. Maybe they actually deserve it.

  24. People in China are more racist than the white. They believe that eating halal with Muslims violates their sacrosanct rights to enjoy pork.

  25. It's honorable to be spies, furnish intelligences to foreign foes as Chinese citizens for the nation's evil nature.

  26. Vote for Hillary! Vote for Kasich! No Trump, no Cruz, no Bernie!

  27. Diplomatic policies of this Chinese government are leading the whole nation to death gradually.

  28. The current world people is not qualified!😂

  29. one of the Chinese students protesting discrimination against them by racist in USYD.

  30. one of the Chinese students protesting discrimination against them by racist in USYD.

  31. one of the Chinese students protesting discrimination against them by racist in USYD.